Did I already wear this in front of them?

What did I wear to the party last Saturday?

These are the questions you ask yourself when deciding what to wear to the party tonight.

Outfit Diary is an app that helps you track what you wear, when you wore it, who saw you in it, and any other notes. No longer will you have to suffer the embarrassment of showing up in front of the same people with the same outfit.


  • Take a picture of your outfit using the camera
  • Pick a picture from your photo library or the camera roll (a picture you’ve already taken with your phone)
  • See a history of your outfits sorted by date.
  • Keep notes for each outfit
  • Tag Contacts from your address book! This will help you remember who saw you in that outfit.
  • Zoom in and see details of your picture

The history tab display a list of your outfits, showing the date and notes
Clicking an item will show your outfit on the entire screen. From this screen you have the option of sharing your pictures and notes to various social networks. Clicking the share button on the upper right will present a list of networks.
Clicking the share button will display a list of social networks where you can post your outfit. These include Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, send via email, or ability to save to your photo album.
Clicking the > symbol on the history list will bring up the Edit Details screen. From here, you can change the date, edit notes, or tag contacts from your address book
From the tag contacts list, you can add or remove contacts that have seen you in this particular outfit.