Checks here… what should I tip? How much per person? Should I exclude tax from the tip? These are some of the questions you have to deal with when the bill arrives at the restaurant.

Just The Tip Calc is an easy to use and flexible tip calculator that can help answer all these questions. This quick app allows you to simply enter the check total and select the percentage of gratuity you would like to use. It even allows you to split the bill among multiple people.

Another cool feature is that it can calculate the tip, excluding the tax amount. By default, it calculates tip on the entire total, but this can be changed in the settings tab. Simple turn off “Tip On Tax” and enter your total tax rate.

The initial screen allows the entry of the check amount with a default setting of 15% and no splitting.
You have the option of splitting with multiple people. Either selected a dice or click ... to choose a larger amount of people
Once the number of persons to split with is slected, per person amount and per person tip is displayed. Note that per person amount includes the per person tip.
Two parameters are available: tip on tax and tax %. Tip On Tax gives you the option to tip on not only the bill amount but the tax amount. Note that tipping on tax is not necessary. Tax % is based on the sales tax of the restaurant's location.