You wake up in the morning and the first question on your mind is: what should I wear? Do I need an umbrella? Should I take a jacket?

The Weather Buddy app was designed to help answer those questions in an amusing and entertaining manner. It forecasts clothing requirements based on location-specific weather conditions. Based on various climate conditions, this app will visually display Chooky The Chipmunk in various attires and accessories.


  • Main screen shows current, today, and tomorrow’s conditions.
  • Landscape mode displays a 5 day forecast.
  • Sounds to match weather conditions.
  • Ability to get weather for current GPS location.
  • Set to any city in the world.
  • On demand refresh.
  • Facebook integration. Let Chooky show your local weather conditions to your friends on Facebook.
  • Preference settings to turn off sound, enable GPS, choose city, and choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius.